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The healing effects of massage on our health have been known and used for years. Mary Spa Center offers a variety of options from traditional massage to modern massage techniques to suit your individual needs.


  • Klasik Masaj

    Classic Massage (30 or 60 Minutes)

    It is a massage technique that collects muscles and tissues. Reduces joint pain, relieves muscle entrapment, Accelerates blood circulation. Gives health and health to the body.

  • Medikal Masaj

    Medical Massage (30 or 60 Minutes)

    Reduces tension, relieves existing pain and pains, Provides relaxation and calmness. Medical massage types relieve pain by loosening muscles. It is applied with medical cream with muscle relaxant.

  • Aroma Terapi Masajı

    Aroma Therapy Massage (30 or 60 Minutes)

    It is a massage method which is applied by using aromatic massage oils prepared with mixtures obtained from plant extracts.A relaxing, calming and slackening massage.

  • Sıcak Yağ Masajı

    Hot Oil Massage (60 Minutes)

    Hot Oil Massage accelerates blood circulation by opening the body's energy channels.Hot oil massage, which rests both body and mind, is a traditional therapeutic massage technique.Hot Oil Massage is effective on inflammation of joints and joints of all kinds, such as rheumatism. It also enhances skin & relaxes the nervous system.

  • Sıcak Taş Masajı

    Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes)

    This massage uses volcanic stones with a long-term retention of heat. With this unique therapy, blocked energy is eliminated, positive energy and harmony are achieved, metabolism and toxin excretion are accelerated, the immune system is strengthened, and pain is reduced.

  • Ayak Reflex Masajı

    Foot Reflexology Massage (45 Minutes)

    Access to the entire body and organs with the help of reflex points on the feet. The force point of the body activates and contributes to the process of self-healing.

  • Sultan Masajı

    Sultan Massage (4 Hands Massage ) ( 60 Minutes)

    The purpose of the Four Hand Sultan Massage, which is applied with synchronous movements of two therapists at the same time, is to convert the negative energy in the body to positive energy by giving two different energy to one body at the same time. This relaxing massage will give you unforgettable entertainment and comfort.

  • Thai Masajı

    Thai Massage (90 Minutes)

    This dry massage on Thai flooring aims to improve blood circulation with the use of soft stretch and pressure points techniques and increases flexibility.

  • Lenf Masajı

    Lymphatic Massage (60 Minutes)

    Manual massage, the skin before the slight activation is provided. The movements push the lymphatic flow in the veins. When the fingers are pressed at certain points, the used lymph nodes are formed and new ones are formed, which enables the blood circulation in that region to accelerate without using any force.

  • Mix Masajı

    Mix Massage (70 Minutes)

    Full Body Massage with Hot Stone Massage, Manual Therapy, Reflexology.